Learn New Things & Discover Who You Are

Posted on: June 10, 2011

Going into Computer Tools for Teachers, many of us didn’t have a clue what to expect.  I’m sure others, including myself, expected to just work with computers and the technology dealing with them.  Boy, were we wrong!  We not only learned new technology, but we were given a chance to use it in an assignment.  Being able to use the technology to incorporate into an assignment gave us a feel for how we can use it in our future classrooms.  This will be useful considering by the time we are teaching, the majority of what we use in the classroom will be technology based.

Throughout this course, there are many things we learned.  However, there are two words that stand out to me: learn and discover.  We did numerous amounts of learning and discovering in this course.  We learned more technology than many of us could have ever imagined.  However, it wasn’t all about learning new technology.  We learned what objectivism and constructivism are so we are aware of the type of teacher we should become or want instead of the teacher we have. We discovered who we are to better ourselves and the type of teacher we will become.  Learning technology is an aspect that enhanced who we are.

Many of us would get frustrated while we were learning if we couldn’t understand how to use a piece of technology.  I was one of those people.  Therefore, we had to learn and discover on our own how to use it.  This was a big adjustment for me.  I am use to having structure and direction, so to be able to try and figure out how technology works on my own felt overwhelming.  The ePortfolio was a great example of this.  I had so much freedom I didn’t know what to do with it.  Having freedom is not something I am use to.  I feel like freedom is so broad that when students are given freedom, they get caught up in the little things because they don’t know where to begin and how to use it.  This is the problem I find myself having.  I focus on certain things and don’t expand in discovering other things.  Being given freedom encourages oneself to be creative which I think is hard for some people.  We had to use creativity in this class when working on assignments and I found it to be difficult at times because I find it hard for me to think outside of the box.

Leaving this course I can honestly say I learned more than I expected. When I become an educator, I will know that learning and discovering are key aspects.  I know now that I have to learn and discover who I am, what I am teaching, and who my students are.  I have to use my creativity when creating assignments for them so they are fun and interesting for my students.  I hope to teach them lessons that they will engage in and inspire them to be the people they will be in their future.  Hopefully through my teaching, they will learn and discover who they are as an individual in their work.  This course did just that for me.  I was able to learn and discover who I am as a person through my work.  I learned to work through my frustrations and discover things on my own.  Also, I was able to learn and discover through my mistakes as well.









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